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Computer labs

Computer labs are a must for completing assignments and research between your classes. You institution may even offer secure 24-hour computer labs for those night owls up late finishing assignments. You may also find that there are special computer labs set aside for certain students who require specific software (design students, for instance). Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students .

Study skills unit

This service gives students advice on everything academic, from tips for taking notes during lectures and researching effectively to referencing correctly and producing high-quality assignments. Some institutions employ specialist staff who can assist with areas such as mathematics or English as a Second Language. You can usually bring work or assignments with you to your appointment to get feedback or assistance.

Sporting facilities

The great thing about being a student is that not everything is about sitting in a lecture or at a desk studying, with cheap gym memberships and sporting clubs keeping students moving between classes. Some institutions have sprawling playing fields, swimming pools and indoor stadiums that you can use at your leisure or as a member of a sporting club. Many have also have on-campus gyms for a handy workout between classes.

Careers service

Careers offices provide counselling and guidance to students who are unsure of what field they want to enter after graduation and need some guidance choosing subjects, as well as final-year students looking for their first job. They may also provide advice and assistance to students seeking part-time work or work experience during their course.


Access to a well-stocked library makes it a lot easier to complete your assignments and get some quiet study done between classes. Some institutions also house faculty-specific libraries (such as for business or law) or subject-specific libraries (such as for cinema studies). Most facilities also stock plenty of fiction, magazines and even DVDs, and most allow personal internet use.

Student health clinic

On campus nurses can provide first-aid treatment and information and referrals on general medical and family planning matters. Students may also be able to make an appointment with a bulk-billing doctor or access dental services at a reduced cost. Larger institutions may provide access to a full team of doctors and nurses, and some institutions may also house an on-campus pharmacy

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